From time to time the Weed Management Society makes submissions on various weed related matters.

Over the past few years submissions include:

–        Senate Inquiry Submission
–        Discussion Paper Submissions
–        Advocacy for Weeds Botanist

Senate Inquiry Submission

In late-2003 the Weed Management Society of South Australia Inc. made a submission to the Senate Inquiry into the regulation, control and management of invasive species and the Environment Protection and Biodiversity Conservation Amendment (Invasive Species) Bill 2002.

The Society’s submission presented case studies of management problems associated with some of South Australia’s most problematic and conflicting weeds: olives (Olea europaea); Asparagus species; perennial grass weeds. Our submission also highlights the need for adequate funding to undertake weed risk assessments, implement surveillance, early detection and eradication programs, and increase South Australia’s capacity to research and respond to new weeds, particularly those threatening native ecosystems.

In June 2004 the Society was invited to appear as a witness at the public hearing into the Inquiry, providing us with the opportunity to clarify and re-iterate key points within our submission.

Read the Society’s submission
View the powerpoint presentation
Hansard transcript of public hearing (see pp 49-58)

Discussion Paper Submissions

The WMSSA made submissions in response to a call for comment from the Department of Environment, Water and Natural Resources, in relation to developing a new park management plan for the Flinders Ranges National Park, and for the Gawler Ranges National Park.

A submission was made in response to the call from PIRSA during the 2014 Declared Plant Review.

Our input contributes constructively on behalf of the community of WMSSA members.

Advocacy for Weeds Botanist

The WMSSA voiced support to the continued funding of a weeds botanist position at the State Herbarium, to the Hon Minster Ian Hunter during 2014. The Society advocated on the basis of the importance of accurate identification of weeds as an important part of good weed management.