Proceedings of the Australasian Weeds Conference

The Weed Management Society of South Australia (WMSSA) on behalf of The Council of Australasian Weed Societies (CAWS), was pleased to host the 22nd Australasian Weeds Conference (22AWC) at Adelaide Oval in September 2022.

The conference had over 300 participants with three concurrent streams of presentations and workshops, in addition to a poster session. For these and all conference proceedings from 1954 onwards please visit the CAWS – Council of Australasian Weed Societies, publications website.

The next conference will be in Brisbane on 25-28 August 2024.

Silverleaf Nightshade Australian Best Practice Management Manual 2018

Silverleaf nightshade is a deep-rooted perennial weed threatening crops and pastures in this State, and also a Weed of National Significance. A national best practice management manual has now been published.

Silverleaf Nightshade Australian Best Practice Manual 2018

SA Conference Presentations

The 6th South Australian Weeds Conference was held on 2-3 May 2018 at the Waite Campus, Adelaide.

See the attached program and abstracts booklet.

6th SA Weeds Conference Program

6th SA Weeds Conference Abstracts Booklet

A selection of presentations from the conference is available from our abstracts page.

The 5th South Australian Weeds Conference was held on 4-5 May 2016 at the Waite Campus, Adelaide.

See the attached program and papers of the conference.

5th SA Weeds Conference Program Booklet


The 19th Australasian Weeds Conference: Science, Community and Food Security: the Weed Challenge, was held in Hobart from 1-4 September 2014. Presentations given by our Executive Committee members included:

Silverleaf nightshade: progress and prospects for management of a new Australian WoNS
Download John W. Heap Download John’s paper 

South Australian initiatives to reduce herbicide spray drift damage
Leah J. Feuerherdt and David Stephenson
Download Leah and David’s paper


WeedWise Newsletters

The Society no longer produces the quarterly newsletter WeedWise, and rather makes use of this website and the Weed Management Society of South Australia’s Facebook page to provide Weed Management Society SA members with  current weeds information. We are always looking for weed scouts from within the society to source  information on advances in weed science and management, reports of seminars, meetings, workshops and conferences, recent media reports, and reviews publications and web sites.

If you would like to contribute a reference to a resource or produce an article, a book review or a report on local weed management initiatives to the website or Facebook page then please contact the society secretary