6th South Australian Weeds Conference

The 6th South Australian Weeds Conference was held on 2-3 May 2018 at Charles Hawker Conference Centre, Waite Campus, Adelaide.

See the conference program, abstracts booklet and a selection of the presentations below:

6th SA Weeds Conference Program

6th SA Weeds Conference Abstracts Booklet


Day 1 – Presentations

Towards a policy for the exemption of low-risk, commercially valuable cultivars of declared plants – Ross Meffin, PIRSA

Best practice management of opuntioid cacti: from principles to paddock – Shauna Potter, Wild Matters

Prickly pear control in Blinman-Parachilna area – Ralph Abbot, Toyota Landcruiser Club

Cover crops can reduce the cost of under-vine weed control – Jake Howie, Adelaide University

The new Biocontrol Hub App enhances weed control – Phil Cramond, WMSSA

Parasitic plant as a native biocontrol for major invasive weeds – Robert Cirocco, Adelaide University

Pictures from the field: Cassytha pubescens naturally impacting on woody weeds – Henry Rutherford, Natural Resources AMLR

Zero tolerance to weeds in ecological restoration – Andrew Crompton

Bicontrol of Silverleaf Nightshade: trials and tribulations – John Heap, PIRSA


Day 2 – Presentations

New and existing weeds threats to South Australia and its regions and challenges associated with identification – Chris Brodie, State Herbarium

Onkaparinga River Prickly Pear problem – Jock Conlon, Onkaparinga Council

Southport dunes weed control – Grant Glazier, Environmental & Biodiversity Services

Using prescribed burns to achieve biodiversity outcomes through weed management – Leanne Rosser, Natural Resources AMLR

Invasive weed control: things have changed – Iggy Honan

Cobbler Creek Recreation Park ‘Proof of Concept’ Coolatai Grass control demonstration site – Henry Rutherford, Natural Resources AMLR

An introduction to Australia’s pest animals and the damage they cause, with a particular emphasis on their role as weed dispersers – Jason Wishart, Animal Control Technologies Australia

Technological advancements to increase the effectiveness and target specificity of feral pig management in Australia – Jason Wishart, Animal Control Technologies Australia

Why manage non-indigenous animals that are not causing problems? – John Burley, Natural Resources AMLR


Lightning Bolt Presentations

Impacts of Buffel Grass on fauna, ecosystem function and culture in the arid landscape APY Lands – Ellen Ryan-Colton, Charles Darwin University

Macspred: Specialists in industrial, forestry and non crop weed control – Mark Frances, Macspred

Yorke Peninsula Council Weed Management – Darryl Gum, Yorke Peninsula Council

Wild Matters – Matt Sheehan, Wild Matters

Weeds and orchids: How Wild Orchid Watch could help – Robert Lawrence, WOW


Natural Resources Regions – Regional Roundups

Adelaide & Mt Lofty Ranges 2018

Eyre Peninsula 2018

Kangaroo Island 2018

Northern & Yorke 2018

SA Arid Lands 2018

SA Murray-Darling Basin 2018

South East 2018