Become a Weed Management Society of SA Member

What benefits will I receive from my membership?

Most importantly, by being a member you can make a difference and help to reduce the impact of invasive species on our environment and economy.


Membership of the Weed Management Society of SA provides numerous benefits. The Society has a diverse membership including students, researchers and weed management practitioners concerned with the control of invasive plants both in agricultural, amenity and natural environments.

By being a member you have the opportunity to learn from our members and inform other members of your own knowledge and experiences. By being a member you also get the chance to learn from, and contribute to, the body of weed knowledge in SA.


As a WMSSA member you will be a part of an organisation that actively develops constructive policy positions to inform governments on weed management policy. Past examples include the Weed Management Society of SA’s position paper on Olives and participation in the Senate inquiry into invasive species legislation, and feedback on PIRSA’s draft Declared Plant Review process

WMSSA is the South Australian representative body on the Council of Australasian Weed Societies (CAWS), the peak body on weed management issues for Australia and New Zealand. As a member you get to have a voice on the direction of weed management in this state and nationally.


Weed Management Society of SA also holds regular seminars and conferences where weed research and management issues are presented by local, national and international speakers. Our events are friendly informal events where weed matters can be discussed in a relaxed atmosphere.


Members receive a quarterly newsletter, WeedWise, that keeps them up to date with events in the weed world. Weedwise is available as electronic or hard copy.

How do I join?

We have membership from interested people, local community environment groups, State Government departments, Natural Resource Management Boards, Local Councils, Universities and other research organisations. This diverse membership ensures excellent networks and communication between people at all levels of weed management and enables the Society to make important contributions to weed management.

New members are always welcome, and Joining the Weed Management Society of SA is easy.